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How to effectively remove halitosis?

How to get rid of bad breath

1.Keep your mouth clean

How to remove halitosisBrushing your teeth is the most direct and effective way to combat bad breath, but how and when to brush your teeth is critical. It is essential to brush your teeth twice, one is after getting up and another is before going to bed.
The time for brushing is about 3 minutes each time. It is necessary to fully brush the corners of the cheek and side of the teeth.In addition, remember to gargle after dinner, this good habit also can reduce bad breath!


2. Brush your tongue

method of removing halitosis

The lingual papilla is covered with keratinized epithelial cells, food scraps, bacteria and their metabolites, which our bodies normally remove. But when our immunity goes down, such as catching a cold or not getting enough sleep, these things can’t be metabolized, bad breath can result.Therefore, when brushing your teeth after a meal, use a soft brush to clean the tongue coating, the mouth odor will be significantly reduced, remember to gently brush, not to use hard objects to scrape the tongue!

3. Light diet

Bad breath

Often eat meat and other indigestible food, also can cause halitosis. So this kind of person want to change dietary habit, eat more fresh fruit and vegetable, make breath fresh rise.



Tips: the following food can relieve halitosis

Lemon: Add mint and lemon in water, can remove bad breath.

Yogurt: The newest research shows that drinking yogurt every day can reduce the level of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth, which can reduce halitosis.

Water: Dry mouth, bacteria will multiply, so drink plenty of water at ordinary times can also solve bad breath.

Milk: After eating garlic, the bad breath can be relieved by drinking milk.

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